Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Wow! QSL from ZL7G

Nigel, G3TXF and his fellows understand the Word "Direct". ZL7G operation was on in mid November. And today I received the QSL. Amazing!!

And they have already uploaded to LoTW. So all is confirmed. The new slots for me this time was CW on 80 m and SSB on 20 m and RTTY was done on 30 m.

So now I'm missing Chatham Island only on 160 and 10 m. I have written about the happenings on 160 m in some earlier post in this blogg. So I have no more comments on use of SDR's in other countries. And when we will have openings on 10 m towards New Zeland next time that is a different story.

Time for coffee!! CUL

PA Interface again.

I have received a few questions on how I build the small transistor switch and how it was installed.
Well, it is installed in the Cable between TRX and PA. But Close to the TRX. About 2" from the 7 pin DIN connector. And I put some heat shrink tubing over it.
This is a Picture of the Components.

The Shadow in the bottom of Picture is from the Lens Hood that I forget to remove.
Next Picture show the finished switch. It is small. It measures 23 X 8 mm (0,9" X 0,3 ").
Observe that I have removed the Lens Hood!!!

So now it is just to install Cable. In the Remote connector the GND is soldered to the connector shield, and in the other end there is a RCA Phono plug that connects to ACOM1000. Next start chasing DX!!??

Hope this will help someone out there!


Tuesday, 6 December 2016

New Band Slot

QSL from CY9C turned up today. I made a few QSO's with these guys. But unfortunately the only new one was 40 m. Still miss St. Paul Isl on 80 and 160 m. Guess that in August it was a bit to early to work them on low bands, I Think??

But I'm happy with the one I've got. Challenge is now up to 1917. I'm closing in to 2000!!!

Has just come home after a visit to the Dentist. Always fun (!!!!!). But all Went just fine and now I can bite almost anything!!??

Well, that's all for now. CUL

Monday, 5 December 2016

Two (2) new IOTA QSL's in my hand.

Today it was almost X-Mas. I  received QSL from Russian Robinson Club operations from August this year.
First was UE23RRC operating from AS-142, Kambalniy Isl (Toporkov). New one for moi!!

Next one was R23RRC operating from AS-091, Ptichiy Isl. Also a new one for moi!!

As Always from RRC the QSL cards are in super quality. Both was from manager Vasily, R7AL. Both cards are 4 pages. but you will only see 1!!!
I now have a total sum of 468 confirmed Isl!!?? But I still miss a few. What about qsl from TF/M0VFE? Wonder when it will show up. Worked a new one this morning. It was 5T5TI from AF-050, Tidra Isl. But this is not on order yet as it was worked this morning.

Well, about the strange weather. Saturday night temp was -14 C ( 6,8 F ). But this morning temp was up to +7 C ( 44 F )??!! You can't say it is a stable situation. Far from.


Wednesday, 30 November 2016

PA control and a new book!

If there are some interest out there I will show you all how I made the PA Control from Kenwood TRX to my ACOM1000. As I'm allergic to relay clatter I have deactivated the PA relay in both TS-590 and TS-950. So, how do I Control PA? Well, that's quite simple. Kenwood TRX has a remote connector in the rear. It is an 7 pol DIN connector and on pin 7 there are a +12 VDC 10 mA output when TRX is in TX mode. So this is what I used to Control the PA with a simple transistor switch. You can see the schematic here.

I did not have a transistor 2N2222 so I used a BC182. Works just super and no sound what so ever when PA is keyed.

I have got my hand on this antenna book. It is written by Bob Zavrel, W7SX. Very well written and nice topic for hams to get some more insight in how our antennas work. I recommend this book so get one ASAP!

Well, that's all for now. Take care and CUL

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Band slots and a new IOTA.

Yesterday I received QSL from TL0A, Central African Republic. Worked them on some of my missing slots and modes. 30 m CW and 40 m RTTY. And I have worked the present ongoing operation on SSB and he is using the call TL8AO. And I will order his QSL soon.

Here above is the proof!!!

The new IOTA was NA-159 King George Island. They where two operators using their home call. It was K9AJ/VY0 and KD6WW/VY0. For safety reasons I worked them both!!?? One on 30 m and one on 20 m both on CW.

Now my IOTA score has reach the fantastic sum of 460 islands. Of them there are 10 confirmed via Club Log. Hope there will be more confirmations via Club Log. But it is a long way to reach 50% of all islands to get into Honour Roll List. But I will keep on hunting.

So click on the Pictures and enjoy them large on your screen.


Thursday, 17 November 2016

Done some changes in my schack.

I have a TS-950SDX put on the side. I have had it out for sale. But no takers. So I decided to use it for rag chewing and low band chasing. The receiver is very good in this old Kenwood TRX.
So, I made an logic switch to be able to use my ACOM1000 with both TS-590S and TS-950SDX.
It works just fine.

You can see the switch just above the Digi Keyer II ( for use with 590 only ). I do have an external keyer from K1EL for to use with 950. It is a K42 Keyer and the keyboard to lower left is for this keyer. All works just fine. And for antenna and input switching to/from the Amp I use a pair of dual antenna switches.

I still not over the fact that I did not work ZL7G on 160 m. But that's Life. Some you get and some you don't!!??

Temp here is warm. Around +5 C ( 41 F ). Most of the hated White fluff is gone!