Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Been off for a while

My daughter's son celebrated his 4 birthday last weekend. So I have visited the city of Varberg in the south of Sweden. It was nice and he got a lot of presents.

And this fellow had full control over every thing that happened!!

On the radio I have managed to work XX9D on 17 and 15 m CW and 15 m RTTY. All was missing modes and band slots. Same with TL8TT where I managed to get some missing band slots.

WX in this part of Sweden is some snow on the ground. About 1" only. Temp is around 0 C ( 32 F ). And tomorrow there is more predicted White fluff on the way.

Well, back to radio and chasing VP6EU, Pitcairn Island.


Thursday, 9 February 2017

New RTTY QSO confirmed

Today I received QSL from TU5AX. Worked him on RTTY a few years ago. But nice to get the card so I can get it into my DXCC status.

TNX to F4WBN for fast response to my second request. First might have been lost in transit!!??
But anyway this put my RTTY score up one Point.

At the moment the WX is around freezing and some light Clouds. But last night it was Cold. Temp was minus -12 C ( 10 F ) and a clear sky. No snow in sight and that is nice. I don't like to Clean the yard.

Back to radio. Have been chasing TL8TT on low band. Nothing so far.


Wednesday, 1 February 2017


YES! Today I received the QSL from AS-088. Al-Safliyah Island. Again the manager M0OXO show how it is done!!!

Anyway the QSL is in my update for next year.

Looks like a nice Place!!??

I have been trying to get a QSO with Craig, VK5CE/3 from OC-196. But so far no success. This is his last day of operation and the sun has had some type of light cerebral hemorrhage. K-Index is high and I don't hear a single "pip" from him. But there are a few SM that has worked him. Good luck to you all!! I have listening from 40 m and 20 m where he has been spotted. Nothing!!! I have been out to check that all my antennas are where they should be. And they are. So I have to blame the propagation for this. At present I'm listening on 7,171 MHz. But I hear just noise. I Think I have to declare a miss on OC-196.

Take care! CUL

Friday, 27 January 2017

WOW! Rare QSL!

Finally I've got the QSL from T31T. Worked him on SSB on 20 m. Was not easy to get the QSO but I finally managed to get trough the pile and the QSO was there.

But I'm still missing T31 on several band slots.

By the way my IOTA score is at the moment 480 islands. I'm slowly getting there.

Enjoy the T31 QSL.


Thursday, 26 January 2017

To late for IOTA update.

Well, I made the IOTA update yesterday. And when I arrived at my home this was in my mailbox!!

AF-050 was a new one for me. But I'm so far away from any important levels in the IOTA programme so it will be entered next year. But Tidra Island was worked on 40 m CW.  Thanks Vlad for QSO!

WX is Amazing for end of January. Temp outside is 5 C ( 41 F )!!

Now I will go out and install an inverted V for 80 m to use for local QSO's.
So CUL!!

Monday, 23 January 2017

New Mode!

Today I've got QSL from the S9YY operation. I made a few QSO's with these guys. But the most important one was RTTY QSO on 40 m. This RTTY QSO was a new mode. So the only slots I'm missing S9 is 160 m and 12 and 10 m.

Nice card and a well performed DX-Expedition. Thanks to DH7WW for QSL.

No Winter so far. But we have learned a new Word!!! "Alternative facts"!!! I knew a very good phrase! "Be sure you have the brain in gear Before engaging mouth"!!

We will have a lot of fun in the future!!!!


Saturday, 21 January 2017

New Band slot.

Yesterday I got a QSL from JY9FC as a confirmation of a QSO on 10 m CW. And this was a new band slot for me.

And this add one Point to my Challenge Award. Not so much left to go to the next level 2000! But it is slow.
Worked ZL on 80 m a few Days ago. And got it confirmed on LoTW next day. Thanks Gary, ZL2FIB.
My car had a MOT inspection on Friday morning and to my joy it passed without a remark. So I'm allowed to drive around with it for one more year!!

WX is still very mild. Temp at the moment is -1,5 C ( 29 F ) and a clear sky.
And USA got a new President!!

That's all for now. CUL