Monday, 9 April 2018

Yes! I'm home!

Now I have 101 confirmed QSO's on 160 m. Today XT2AW fell down into my mailbox. So now it is time to apply for a 160 DXCC!! And here are the proof! Hat off for QSL mgr M0OXO. He understand the Word "Direct"!!

Nice eh!

And I also qualify for Challenge 2000 level. So this will cost some $$$. But what the h..k! You only lives once!
I have started the paperwork.

Still no spring.  It is around freezing outside and some Cold rain is falling. And tonight it will start to snow again!!


Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Struggling on 160 and Steam Engine fixed.

Well, still no new QSL for QSO's on 160. It is hard to just sit and wait. The QSL I have on order is the following: 9Y4/LY2IJ, XT2AW are both ordered via Pay-Pal. J79WTA ordered via letter. Hopefully I will get them Before next 160 season!!!????

I have been calling and chasing some other stations on 160 m. Sutch as HH. But they don't hear me from 60 deg North. Soon I will start to monitoring 50 MHz and try to achieve a DXCC on the Magic Band. So I will jump from Top Band to the Magic Band!!

But I have also been working hard at the Steam Engine stable. And here you can see the result!

All the maintenance have been carried out and it is ready to Go!

Wx is still very Cold during night. But during daytime it is on the plus side. But the prediction for the coming week is temperatures in region of 10 - 15 C and some rain. X my fingers.


Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Equinox and burned parts.

Well, today the sun is over the horizon for the next 6 months over the North Pole! Equinox is here and for us up at 60 deg North the Days is getting longer. But we still have a lot of the hated White fluff on the ground. And I Think it will take to end of May before we will see the last of it. But we never knew. There might be a warm spring and the sun might do some work to help us.

Have to show you the remains of the feed through. Had to make the Picture overexposed so you all can see the burn.

Click on it to make it big.

Hope the new Cable will be better. It is not so fun when in a big pile and suddenly the SWR goes through the roof!!!

No QSL for my 160 m QSO has arrived. And it is frustrated just to sit and wait when you are so Close.

Take care all of you. CUL

Monday, 12 March 2018

A new on 160 m!

Yes! I managed to work a new one on 160 m. It was 9Y4/LY2IJ. But I had to work him twice. First QSO was busted. He got me as SM5CBN!? And when I tried to correct this my tuning unit for 160 blow up again. Same fault as Before. A full developed fire. But now I have replaced the wire with a bigger one with more isolation. Hope it will last a bit longer.

It is the blue/Orange wire. And after replacement I worked 9Y4/LY2IJ again the next day and now he got my call OK. And I was in the Club-Log and QSL is on order. This means that when I will get the QSL's on order and together with the ones I have on DXCC-On line and LoTW I will have 101 QSO's on 160 and 2003 on challenge Award.
So to you out there PLS QSL me ASAP!!!!????

WX here in Sweden at the moment is quite warm 2,5 C ( 36 F ) and the snow on my roof have started to drift as you can see on the Picture.

So if the warm temperatures will persist it will come down with a bang! Unfortunately the prediction during the rest of this week talks about colder wx again. Temps around -10 C during the following Days to come. Not good at all.

These Pictures was taken with my I-Phone.

Well, that's all for now. CUL

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Lot's of snow!

No new QSL's and no new QSO's on 160 m. But I've got a lot of the hated white fluff during the passed week. I guess I have around 2' of it ( almost 50 - 60 cm ). And the wind have had some impact to create some snow drift so on some places there are only a few inches and a few feet away it might be 3'-4' of the fluff. If you want some you can come and get it for free!!??

And temp during night has been low. Last night it was -19 C ( -2 F ). And at the moment (07:00 Z) it is -10 C ( 12 F ). So there are no mosquito's outside for sure!!!
Hope the weather will turn to some milder wx soon.

So that's all for now. CUL

Thursday, 15 February 2018

Late QSL and no more "blue screen"!

Yesterday I received a QSL from the Niger operation performed in 2012. Call used was 5U6E and I worked them on two missing slots. 10 and 30 m CW. And here are the proof!

Thanks to F6EXV for response after a single e-mail. Only miss 5U on 160 m. Surprised? I'm not. I have a lot to do on 160 m. But I'm getting there. If I will get all the requests I have after QSO's on 160 m I will have 100 cfm!! So to all of you out there. If you sense that you might have to do some upload to LoTW. PLS DO!!!!!

My acer windows 10 lap top is doing fine at the moment. But you never knew when some "1" and "0" are doing what they not supposed to do!!??

Wx at my QTH at the moment is -5 C ( 23 F ) and clear sky. Sun rise is 06:27 Z. 07:27 local and the Days are getting longer.

Take care! CUL

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Blue screen and bun day?!

This morning I've got a blue screen on one of my windows 10 lap top. Reason not known but I managed to reload windows 10 and most of my files where still there. Had to reload microHAM sw and config for all of my programs. But it seams to be OK.

Today is a special day in Sweden. We must eat at least one of these buns called "Semla". And it is good!!!

So now I will enjoy this and the waist will grow a bit!!

Wx is warm for the time of the year. It is overcast and temp is 2 C ( 35 F ). but if the sky will clear temp will be well below freezing.

Now I will eat the bun!