Friday, 19 January 2018

New IOTA confirmed!

YES! A new IOTA QSL arrived today. It was EU-190 Viktoriya Island. Never activated Before. So, thanks to RI1F team for QSO and QSL. Super!!

It is not so often you work a rare new Island. But here you all can see the proof.

This morning it was Cold here in this part of Sweden. It was -12 C ( 10 F ). And this is guaranteed mosquito free outside!

And my car was on an MOT inspection and was cleared without any remarks. And my ADSL is still working fine. So all is just fine!!??


Tuesday, 16 January 2018

New QSL and a new phone pole.

Hello to you all. Today there will be a few Pictures. First out is a QSL from Guinea Bissau J5T AF-020 from the Italian DXpedition Team with I2YSB as team leader. Worked them on a few new band slots. Missed them on 160 m. But the rest including all modes is in the log.

Got it confirmed via LoTW also. Thanks!

Next two Pictures will show that this morning I've got a new phone pole. So now Everything is back to normal. But we have a blizzard at the moment. It is snowing and blowing quite Heavy. Temp is around freezing. But prediction is more snow and lower temps.

And here it is in full bloom (??).  Nice!!!

Back to radio. CUL

Sunday, 14 January 2018

Phone is fixed!!!!

Yesterday I was down in the stable doing some repair on one of our steam engine when I got an SMS from my phone provider. SMS say that the Cable was temporary repaired. No new pole was installed but the Cable has been repaired and erected into some spruce trees as temporary pole!!
I have to wonder as I made some remarks on the 12 Jan about the long time for the repair (25 Okt 2017) on face book. And I've got answers directly from 3 different people working for the phone provider. And the repair team was here on Saturday morning and they fixed the Cable. Checked speed on my ADSL and I got 6-7 down and 1 up. And that is normal for a 6 - 10 mb ADSL as I'm 5,5 km from the station. WOW!

Have to have a Picture. This is a Heavy Bird. To much sunflower seeds, or..........???

Any way I'm happy for a while until next storm when we will get phone problem again!!??

Worked 6O6O on 20 m CW for a minute ago.

Soon 3Y0Z will be on the air. It will be a mess!!!!


Wednesday, 10 January 2018

One new IOTA

Today I received QSL from F6KOP/P operating from EU-148 Brescou Isl. QSO was on 40 m SSB and this push my score up one more. Thanks to the F6KOP Team.

Nice card! Pls click on it to see it bigger.

It is nice to have some speed on the Internet. The 4G router works just fine.

Wx here this morning was Cold. Temperature where around -12 ( 10 F ). The sky is clear and sun is shining but it is to low to produce some heat. We have to wait up to March to get some heat from the sun.

Well, take care all of you and CUL

No phone repair in sight!

New news regarding Cable repair of my ADSL and phone. Next estimate is 16 Feb 2018!!!!????
Well, my provider sent me a 4G router with 600 GB surf at my disposal. It is a mess. My provider is a Company called Telia. They have a contract with a repair firm called Scan Nova. Scan Nova subcontract the repair to a Company called El-Tel and they will perform the actually repair. Question is when!!!
Any way here is a Picture of my new 4G router.

And I have got directions to the nearest 4G tower. And this is 349 deg and 3400 m away. I have not so good signal strength. But I got 10 MB up and 10 MB down in speed. And that is OK.

So now I'm waiting for the guys to start operating from Bouvet Island. That will be a thrill of the highest level!!

Well CUL!!

Friday, 5 January 2018

One More QSL

This year has started out fine. Yesterday I've got this nice QSL from Australia. It was the Operation from Ashmore Reef OC-216. Call used was VK9AR and team where Mike, Mike and Craig. Their home calls you can see on the QSL.

Nice to get a new IOTA to my coming update. Click on the Picture so you can enjoy it big.

Today is the dead line for me to get the phone and my ADSL back. Well, I will be watching to see if they will start to repair the Cable and replace one pole. I will keep you informed.

On the weather front there is no news. Temp is still around freezing and cloudy. But prediction for next week is talking about clear sky and temperatures around -10 C ( 14 F ).


Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Good start of 2018!

This year starts out nice. Just received QSL from S21ZDC IOTA AS-140 Bhola Isl. So this pushed my score closer to getting a nice Award. Thanks to G3KHZ for QSL. And here are the proof.

Nice. Now I have both QSL cards from the S21 operation where SM6CVX should been part of.

On the phone front there is no new news. Nothing is happening and it is just 3 working Day's remaining to the deadline for the fix. But there are no one in the forest working.
I will keep you informed.