Friday, 23 September 2016

Yeah!! A QSL arrived!!!

Today I've got QSL from South Africa. It is from AF-064 Robben Isl. Worked them on 20 m SSB and this is a new IOTA for me.

This is the Island where Nelson Mandela spent most of his Life in prison. But that is history now.
Nice card and it pushed my IOTA score up one more Point.

This weekend it is CQWW RTTY Contest. And I will chase some new ones if conditions will permit it!

That's all for now. CUL

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Bad conds and no QSL's!

Activity is low from all sides as I have not received a single QSL and no spectacular QSO to brag about. The only thing that is Active is the sun. At the moment K index is 6 and if you look to the right side of this blog you can see a lot of red saying "POOR". Worked a few new IOTA. What about VK5MAV/6 from OC-266 and SV8/IZ4JMA from EU-075. But that is just about all.
Autumn is here and the colours in nature is starting to change to orange. My neighbour's animals is enjoying Life as it is as you can see on the Picture.

Hope the sun will calm down a bit. I'm missing D6 on 160, 80 and 40. Hope the team present on Comoros at the moment will be Active on low bands. But conds have to improve!!!

Take care and CUL

Monday, 5 September 2016

DX Meeting in Jönköping.

The first DX-Match DX meeting happened this weekend in the city of Jönköping. Lots of interesting talks. What about the following:
DF6JC talked about ooperation from Lord Howe, VK9DLX. LA7GIA about his operations from Africa as 3C7A, D67GIA and an upcoming to TL8AO. DL6KVA talked about the fantastic operations from VP8STI and VP8SGI. He also talked about his adventure in Russia working very rare RDA's. LB2TB talked about VK9CK Cocos (Keeling). SM6CPY talked about his adventures in Africa as 9X0PY and 5H3CJ. And K9CT held 3 interesting talk's about Navassa K1N and Palmyra K5P and his fantastic Contest station he has in the US.

Here is a Picture when Craig held one of his talk's. Quality of Picture is not so good as it was from my I-phone. There was about 90 hams listening to the interesting talk's. Next DX-Meeting will be held same time in two years from now.

So there have been no radio this weekend but now I'm home and today I will perform some maintenance on my RX Antenna K9AY to prepare it for the dark season??!!

So, Take care and CUL

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Cards from the Buro!

Wow! I have received about 90 QSL's from the ARRL Centennial operation. They are all from W1AW with stroke /1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 0, and KH0, KH8, KL7, KH2, KP4. It will take while to register them in DX4WIN. But they all will be entered into my log.

I also got QSL from Galapagos Isl. It was HC2OGT/8 worked on 10 m.

And this was a new one on 10 m for moi!!!

We have had a lot of rain and temperature at the moment is around 10 C ( 50 F ). But today we hope for a sunny day.

Back to the W1AW QSL's. CUL

Friday, 26 August 2016

Low activity. But chasing CY9C.

I have been chasing CY9C. Wanted on 160, 80 and RTTY. The sun has been a bit active so no low band QSO so far. RTTY is a different story. I can only run about 600 W to my Australian TE56 antenna. If I run more Power I will melt the traps. And it is hard to get through the wall from Southern EU as well as US East Cost. Not easy from Northern EU with low Power. But yesterday I called about 2,5 Hrs on 20 m. No QSO!! Than for some reason He QSY:ed to 17 m and I could not hear him on 17 m. Well, I will try again today!!

Got a new (for moi) I-Phone. It is an 5S. And I'm very satisfied with it. I just updated the IOS to 9.3.5. And I tested the camera and you can see the Picture below.

Picture show my tool shed. Colour looks OK.

Back to radio!! CUL

Saturday, 13 August 2016

New IOTA's confirmed in Club Log

Yes! I managed to get in the log of VE3LYC/KL7 from NA-172. QSL on order via OQRS.

The same with AS-062 with the call RI0FS from Shikotan Isl. I'm  in the log according to Club Log. Not ordered any QSL yet due to OQRS not opened.

So, two new IOTA's for moi! Thanks to both operators.

Found this visitor on my doorstep. It is an edible snail (vineyard).

Well, I put him back into the forest.

Still missing a lot of IOTA QSL's. The Club Log Connection to RSGB IOTA page has so far just added one ( 1 ) QSL to my credit list.

Well that's all for now. CUL

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Worked VE3LYC/KL7

YES! I managed to work Cezar on 20 m at 07:07 Z date 4/8. He was not so strong but he had as usual very good ears. Now I'm waiting for the OQRS so I can order a QSL for NA-172.

Have rebuilt my schack. So now the TS-590S id dedicated to RTTY and also 50 MHz together with an ACOM1000 and a microHAM Digikeyer II. Work just fine.

Tuned to 80 m RTTY at the moment.

Worked JT1CO and his Contest call JT5DX on 50 MHz in June. A new one on 50 MHz for me. According to LotW he is an LoTW member but he do not upload his log. Sent a few e-mail to him so he can tell me how to get QSO confirmed on LoTW. But he do not answer. I suspect he just want some $$$$. But that will not happened.

Well, that's all for now. CUL