Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Waiting for a rare IOTA

I'm waiting for RI0C from AS-069, Iony Isl. According to DX-World the team is at the Island but they have not been able to land. Worked the team from R24RRC AS-114 and QSL is on order.

I have been busy at my second hobby at the museum train working as a brakeman.
Have to show you all a Picture of the largest steam Engine in Sweden for 891 mm track. It is under restoration and was called is Swedish "Stortysken" ( "Big German"). it is a massive piece of Engine.

Pictures taken with my Ipone. The Engine was built 1920. The plan is to have it fully restored and in traffic Before it's 100 year's birthday (2020) !!! I will keep my fingers X-ssed!!

Well back to lsn for RI0C.


Monday, 10 July 2017

500 IOTA Cfm! And one new on 6 m!


Today I got No. 500 in my IOTA score. It was 3W9FU/P from Tam Island AS-157.
I'm getting closer to the Honour Roll. Here are some proof.

The 6 m QSO was with VP2ETE from Anguilla. QSL confirmed via W3HNK. This was an SSB QSO. Thanks!!

This will indeed improve my score on 6 m a bit. But there are a lot more to do here. I have only 60 confirmed so far. I have a few out there that I'm waiting for QSL (direct and/or LoTW) to further improve my 6 m standing's.

Was scanning 50,276 this morning but nothing was detected at all.


Sunday, 9 July 2017

Bird on a wire and some peony's.

This Young starling was sitting on my 400 VAC tree phase line. Vaiting for the mom to come with some food.

Once again this is a Picture from my new Nikon Lens 70-300 mm zoom. And the VR (vibration reduction) really works.

My big bush of peony's is almost done for this season. But it still is blazing with colours as you can see on this Picture.

And I was comfirmed in V6J log so I have ordered the QSL via Pay-Pal. Nice! He was on a very rare IOTA. OC-226 Mowkil Isl. But he was not easy to check in Club Log. You have to serch for V6J_OC226. And he will show up if you are in the log.

Well, take care and CUL

Friday, 7 July 2017

Better late than never!

I've got QSL from LR5D from SA-055, Isla Martin Garcia. QSO was 21-Aug-2011. But now I've got it! This pushed my IOTA score up to the fantastic sum of 499 confirmed!!?? Super!!!
Here are the proof.

Nice eh...??!!

I have inspected my K9AY antenna and the general condition of all Connections. All turned out fine and I guess it will work during our dark times that are just around the corner. And I also hope for good conditions on low band.

Here is a Picture of the centre of my K9AY.

Keep this short. A lot to do here. Cutting lawn, painting, washing the car and bikes.


Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Wow! Now I have only 27 IOTA on order.

Today I've got 2 IOTA confirmation. It was AF-040 Lamu Ils from 5Z4/OZ1AA that fell down in my mail box. Super!

Thanks Thomas for a nice QSL.

Next that fell down in the box was from Australia. OC-233 Bruny Ils. Operator was the famous VK5CE. Thanks Craig for QSL.

This put my score up 2 Points. Only 2 remaining to get 500 confirmed!!! Wonder if some one read my earlier Writing in this blog!!?? Guess that I have to gear up my goal to 600!!

Well, click on the Pictures and enjoy.


Monday, 26 June 2017

YES! New DXCC on 50 MHz.

Today I received the QSL from JH0HZO worked on 50 MHz CW. Super thanks to Shinichi for answer my request for QSL. Worked him 3 of June at 07:32 z.

So this has pushed my DXCC score up one Point on 6 m. But I have a lot more to do Before I will receive a DXCC on 6 m.

This is my primary goal at the moment. To get a DXCC on 6 m and 500 confirmed IOTA islands.

I have at the moment a lot of static on 6 m due to Heavy rain. The reason might bee that the antenna has a gamma match.

Well, back to chasing on 6 m JT65.


QSL, Thunderstorms and cold weather!

QSL from, for moi, a new IOTA has arrived. It was AS-201 Marmara Isl. Call used was TA0/DL7UCX (Ben). Here is a Picture of the card. This pushed my score up to the fantastic sum of 496 confirmed islands!? WOW!

Well, I wonder when the rest of the IOTA QSL's I have on order will arrive! There are 29 in total this year only. And the activity on Club-Log vs RSGB IOTA pages is very low. Nothing at all for the last few months. The reason for this migh be that there are no $$$ involved  in this way of QSL-ing. I keep a Close Watch over my mailbox!!

Weather today will be most likely the same as yesterday. Some rain showers and localy thunderstorms. Temp outside is only 10 C ( 50 F ) and that feels Cold. We have passed the summer solstice and from now on it is down hill towards the dark again. And hopefully nice openings on low band!!!???