Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Bragg time!!??

Before I start bragging I have to show you all what has come down since yesterday. It is some White fluff. I Think it is called snow!? But I have not ordered it so PLS take it away ASAP!!!

In the Picture is the 40 m Vertical with elevated radials. But it is barely visible. But the Picture is for the White fluff not antenna. That is just a bonus for you to (not) see.

Now to bragging part!

Yesterday it was announced from VK9MA that it was the last night of 160 m operation. And this time the sun behave just fine and at 15:24 I was able to get a QSO on 80 with the guys. Than I spend remaining time up to their SR to call them on 160. They where in and out of deep QSB. And I was not able to get a QSO. Signals was between nothing and S4 on my K9AY! But the barn I have in the direction of 54 deg and 100 m away from my antenna is still there. And it must have had some impact of the reason for not getting a QSO. Anyway that is my belief. Bad operator and worthless antenna and to little power?? No No No No!! I'm the best????!!!!!
But here is a Picture of the black box that was responsible for the QSO on 80!!!

So, Before the start of this dxpedition I missed VK9M on 30, 80 and 160. After, I had nailed two out of three (30 and 80 m) and that is OK, or.....................???

Have a safe trip home guys!


Monday, 13 November 2017

Yes! Finaly some QSL's

Today I got 3 new IOTA's confirmed. It was AS-71 Arakamchechen, AS-044 Bol'shoy and AS-114 Baidukova Islands. And here are the proof! Enjoy!

Nice cards and it pushed my IOTA score up to 514. But still a lot to do!

Have been trying to work VK9MA on 80 and 160 m as I told you all Before. And still no QSO! But I can blame the barn roof (???). But I will try until they go QRT. And there are two more Days to go.

Weather here in this part of Sweden is quite Cold. This morning it was -5 C (23 F) but no snow yet.

Well, have to start up the PA so it is warm  and up and running for the next try for VK9MA.


Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Sun is on the toe again!

The Sun has delivered some high energy electrons from a big Corona hole. As you can see on the prediction on the right side of this blog. All red!!
But I Think I have some problem to get a QSO on 160 m with VK9MA any way. Reason for this is a big barn covered with sheet metal for roof tiles. It is high. It is in the direction to VK9MA. It is about 75 m away from the antenna. So you can see in the Picture my vertical antenna with some linear loading and the barn in the rear. I Think I'm a big looser!!!???

And yes, it is frost on the ground. Temp is -4!!! The radials in that direction is only about 10 m long as my property ends at the fence. But I will keep on calling them anyway. You never knew. Even a blind chicken sometimes find some food on the ground!!???

About food. This next Picture show an angry bird. The food house is empty and he looks at me and say "Where the h..l is the food". I have filled it up!

This Picture was shoot around 7:30 this morning. And it is quite dusk outside.

Well, CUL

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Telephone pole down!

Well, here are a Picture of the fallen Telephone pole. Nothing happening for the repair. Estimated time when it will be fixed is 4 Dec!!??

But my Telephone provider has given me 100 GB surf to my iphone. So I have connected my iphone as an "Hot-Spot". And when I have located a Place with some signal in 4G, I have super Internet Connection!

On the radio front the following has happened. I have worked VK9MA on a few slots. But no 80 and 160 so far. Yesterday they where very strong on 160 m. Several SM stations had QSO. But I was not one of them. I will keep on trying.

I'm at the moment I'm lsn for VK9AR from OC-216. But nothing so far.


Thursday, 2 November 2017

Disaster has happened!

A very big Birch tree has fallen over my phone line. So both phone and ADSL is gone. One of the phone poles also got cracked due to the force of the big Birch tree. Have no repair time due to the extent of the damage. That's Life in the Deep forest outside Uppsala city!!?? At the moment I'm using a Huawei E3531 3G modem to this computer. But due to bad signal strength on mobile net I get very slow speed. But hopefully I will be able to pay my bills!!??
Got two nice QSL's from VE7ACN, Mikhail. It was from the operation from NA-042 and NA-157. Enjoy!!

Nice cards!
That's all for now. CUL

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Worked two (2) new IOTA's!

First one was F6KOP/P from EU-148 Fort Brescou. Second one was S21ZAS from AS-127 St Martin's Island. QSL will be ordered ASAP!

Autumn is taking a hard grip of us. We have had several nights with temp's below 0. At the moment it is just that ( 32 F ) and only a few Clouds. Just North of my QTH there are prediction of about 1" of snow! It is time soon to put on the Winter tires with studs.

Took these Pictures on the 19th Oct. As you can see the nice colour of the Birch tree and the almost finished sun flower. And today all of the leafs is gone from the Birch tree.

Winter is just around the corner!!!!


Tuesday, 17 October 2017

North Island VK8 confirmed

Yes! Craig uploaded the log from OC-198 and I'm in it! In Club Log you have to use a quite long search string to be able to see your QSO's. Use "VK5CE/8_OC198" and if you are in the log you will see it.

Borrowed this Picture from Hope he don't mind!!??
But it is Always fun to work Craig from his IOTA expeditions. He hear well and understand the problem we encounter up here around and above 60 deg North. You can hear him call "Scandinavia and UK only". I like that!!!! And QSL is ordered.

I have worked S21ZDC on  RTTY and CW. This is a new IOTA for me. They are on AS-140. QSL will be ordered when they open OQRS.

Regarding weather. I have Heavy TS at the moment. Sounds like 15 cm Howitzer outside!!!??? Have to be careful with all my Electronics. Have had problems Before with Internet Router going where routers go when they die! It is mid October and powerful thunder storms around my QTH. Strange!!

Well, that's all for now. CUL