Monday, 16 January 2017

A new band slot.

Not much is happening at the moment. So every event is good news. And today I received a new band slot for VU7. It was from the IOTA expedition from AS-011. Not new but the QSO on 15 m CW was a new one for my Challenge Award. Call used was VU7MS.

But I'm still waiting for a few IOTA's to arrive. Dead line is 31 Jan 2017.

There is no order in the laws of Nature at the moment. One day it is clear sky and temperature is -10 C ( 14 F ). Next day it is cloudy and 0 C ( 32 F ). Strange Winter so far.

Well, that's all for now! CUL

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Missed Award!!

OPS! I missed this Award from Miller-DX-Club. If I had been a little more attentive I should have ordered this funny and interesting Award earlier. And also achieved a lower number. 1798 is not so good but what the h..k!

Here you can see Santa's progress over Russia on X-Mas. Some one out there might calculate the speed he had to travel to keep the Schedule. Must have been breathtaking!

Well this end's the R?17NY reporting. Thanks to Miller-DX-Club for the initiative. This has been a lot of fun. See you all next X-Mas!

I have ordered QSL via OQRS for the following IOTA operations. A70X from AS-088 and DU1UD/P from OC-126. But I guess that they wont show up before the deadline for IOTA update at 31-Jan-2017. Both of these are ordered via M0OXO OQRS site.

Take care all you readers. CUL

Friday, 6 January 2017

This morning it was cold!!

Temperature was -25 C ( -13 F ) around 05:00 UTC this morning. And this is Cold even for moi!!
But it will get warmer and some white fluff is predicted later this day.

Discussion about the use of remote receivers to Catch rare DX for DXCC (SDR's).
Well, what about DXCC rule 9.b. Has anyone seen it, read it, and also understand it??? This rule says, and I quote: "All transmitters and receivers comprising a station used for a specific contact must be located within a 500-meter diameter circle." end quote.
So, in my World this will disqualify the use of remote receivers such as SDR's in same/another country (more than 500 m away from your transmitter) and transmit from your home QTH!!?? Or do I interpret the rule wrong? But if the use of a complete remote station with X-Mitter's and Receiver's at the same location to work the DX than it is OK. But only as long as it is in your country!!??
I guess this question will escalate with the increase use of SDR's all around the World.
But if you don't participating in the DXCC Award programme you can do what ever you like and don't bother about any rules what so ever.

I like to use my station as it is without any help of external receivers or transmitters. And I'm quite well equipped, or...........................???

Well, now I have put my nose out for a real storm. But this is my opinion and I will respect any other ham that have a different approach in this question.

Temp is Rising! It is now only -18 C ( 0 F ) outside. Soon I will be able to get a coffee in the garden!!!


Wednesday, 4 January 2017

I've got them all!

Yesterday I worked RA17NY on 20 m CW. He Count 5 Point. But as I'm outside Russia he Count 10 Points. So now I'm qualified for all Awards from Miller-DX-Club. Super fun! Here are the last one. And I was #1044 to achieve it!

I also finally received QSL from my 50 MHz QSO's with Mongolia. I worked him with both his signals. JT1CO and JT5DX. Here are the proof!

But my DXCC for 50 MHz is growing very slow. I have only 51 confirmed so far. But I will keep on struggling to achieve the 100 goal!!!

So click on the Pictures and enjoy!


Tuesday, 3 January 2017

One more Award!

Now I'm qualified for most of the available Awards for the Miller-DX-Club. But I will only show you the Gold one. It is a lot of fun to work these hams. And as you can see I'm the number 1401 that has achieved this level.

This will end at 14 Jan 2017. So there is still time to get your own Awards. Get on the radio and start chasing.

Well, Winter is back. Temp outside at the moment is -9 C ( 15,8 F ) and clear sky. There are some snow on the way during this afternoon if the prediction is correct. But it is mosquito free outside for sure!!!

Take care. CUL

Sunday, 1 January 2017


Wow!! Times goes fast. It is already 2017. Where will this end??!!
For all IOTA hunters. A rare Island is QRV at this moment. It is only claimed by 7% according to IOTA Directory (so it must be rare?). Call they use is A70X and Island name is Al Safliyah, AS-088.
Worked them on 14260 KHz split 5 up a few minutes ago.

Borrowed their logo from their home page

Temperature record for New Years Eve for this part of Sweden was broken. Temp yesterday was 10,5 C (50,9 F). But today we are back to freezing again 0 C (32 F). And there is a small chance for snow showers.

Take care and HNY to you all!

Thursday, 29 December 2016

One more Award!

Here is one more Award. This time an X-Mas Greating from Miller DX Club in Russia. All stations used NY in the suffix. A lot of fun working these hams. And here is the Award!

All operators are quite good and have fine ears!! So to you all. Get  on the radio and start chasing stations with 17NY and as you can see in the lower left corner of the Award the different calls used. Good Luck!!

Spent X-Mas down in Varberg. Since Varberg is on 57 deg North it is some differens in Daylight compared to my home location at 60 deg North. But it has turned now. Day's are getting longer and longer for every day we distance us away from December 21 as this was the turning point.

So, now we start to prepare for the New Years Celebration 2017!!!

Take care! And a Happy New Year to you all!!