Wednesday, 24 May 2017


This morning I worked HD2RRC from SA-034, Puna Isl. New IOTA and I worked him on 20 and 30 m CW. As it is an IOTA operation there are a small LID warning here. But to my defence, the second QSO was a safety so I'm sure I'm in the log!!??

Look at this Picture. I have made a place in the shadow where I can drink my coffee out of the direct sun light. Nice!!

Table is an empty Cable drum and the box is a scraped ammo case. Temp outside is the staggering 25 C ( 77 F ). And that is hot for me. So I just sit in the shadow and scratching may belly!!!???


Monday, 22 May 2017


Now all of my vehicles have passed the MOT. Last out was my Suzuki DL-1000 Touring Bike. And it passed without any remarks. So, here it is just when I have returned home.

Next due is Before 2019-05-31. Nice!!

I have tried to Catch Cezar on 30 m. But I don't hear a single "PIP" here in Sweden. Cezar is on his last Days in North Cook Islands. So I hope my very QRM:ed QSO on 20 m CW is OK. I do not understand these stupid guy's that have to create QRM and all the self appointed police hams that have to tell every one they are doing wrong and when they doing that they create even more QRM's. Better if those blockheads concentrate on theirs stamp collection if they have one!!!???


Thursday, 18 May 2017

New IOTA and a new mode

QSL from Guinea-Bissau arrived today. Island was Rubane Isl , AF-020. Call used was J5W and QSO was on SSB on 20 m. And the phone QSO was a new mode for me.

So now my IOTA and phone DXCC is up one more point!!?? But still a lot to do here.

Worked E51DWC (South Cook) on RTTY 20 m a few Days ago. He was strong here in SM but Cezar on North Cook is not so strong. Cezar (VE3LYC) is using the call E51LYC.

Sun is shining so now I will take my cup of coffee and go sit in the garden and just take it slow!!


Friday, 12 May 2017

My "Off Road" Bike passed MOT

Today I visited the MOT in Uppsala city for a check up of my DR-650SE "Off Road" Bike. And it passed without any remarks. So here it is just when I have returned home.

Next time the bike is due for inspection is 2019-05-31. Nice!!!

Some radio related stuff!
I managed to work Cezar this morning from OC-098 (rare). He was using the call E51LYC. And this Count as North Cook Islands. And the Island name is Pukapuka (Danger Island). QSL will be ordered as soon as possible.

Thursday, 11 May 2017


Today I got the QSL from the Niger operation. Worked them on a few missing slots. Still remaining is 160 and 12 m. Here are the card. Confirmation was achieved via LoTW a while ago.

I also miss Niger on RTTY. But I have a QSL on order. That QSO was with 5U5U and I have a direct request via mail to him. But no QSL so far.

I have worked a new IOTA for a few Days ago. It was AS-201. A new IOTA since a few years ago. Call used was TA0/DL7UCX. QSL will be ordered ASAP!

Well, back to radio to do some more chasing of IOTA and RDA's.


Tuesday, 9 May 2017

New IOTA confirmed

Today I received QSL from SA-030 with call CV5A.

And I have worked two new IOTA today. 3W9FU/P from AS-157 and JS6RRR from AS-079. So if I would have got all the non responding IOTA operators I'm well over 500 Islands. Hopefully I will get there Before next update.

Take care and remember that for QRP Life is damned too short.

Monday, 8 May 2017


Look at this big CB (Cumulus Nimbus). It produced a lot of grain and hail. And wind gusts up to more than 30 kt. Fascinating!!??

Picture taken with my iphone. Hopefully we will get better weather soon!!??

Take care.