Friday, 22 September 2017

Dark times ahead!

Today we have autumn equinox. And from now on and for 3 months ahead Days will get shorter. And you can see on the first Picture that autumn is here.

There are some haze in the air as well. But the leaf's are getting autumn colours.

And my sunflower's are doing their best.

And this one is big. The height of the plant is about 7' ( approx 2,1 m ). Nice flower and I will save them for the birds to eat the seeds during Winter.

Some good news on the IOTA front. I've got the VE7ACN adventures confirmed via the new RSGB IOTA home page. And I Think the new IOTA page is a real improvement. I like it a lot! I have now 510 IOTA's if I will get the pending ones approved by RSGB.

Well, take care and don't do anything I wouldn't do!!!!????


Tuesday, 19 September 2017

New toy and low activity

The sun has been very Active during last week. K-index have been high most of the time and HF propagation have been, least to say, bad! I have struggling to work RDA's, and one call in particular have had my attention. And that is UA0WW working from a lot of ( for moi) rare RDA's.
But the propagation have made it hard to get some QSO's. But I have managed to get a few new ones from RDA TU.

On the toy side I have got my hands on a Semiconductor Component Analyzer from Peak Electronic Design. And it work just fine. I have tested a lot of semiconductors and found a few broken.

This is a Picture of the analyzer.

Easy to use and can test most of the common semiconductors.

Regarding my sun flower there have been some progress. I have now about 6 in full bloom. But this coming night there is a warning about frost. Temp at the moment is 7 C ( 44 F ). The sky is slightly cloudy. But later to night it will clear up and temp will drop below zero. Brrrrrrrr!!

well that's all for now. CUL

Friday, 8 September 2017

Now there are two!

Yes, now I have two sunflowers in more or less full bloom.

Nice eh!

On the radio front not much to speak about. Worked R7AB from several new RDA's. Missed quite a few as I didn't have time to sit at the radio and work him as he passed all these RDA's.

I have also worked UA4WHX as OJ0/UA4WHX from Market Reef.  No new ones but it is Always fun to work Vlad from all of his trips around the World. And he has one of the best QSL's ever!!!

Now I have to go down to the steam Engine stable and take out 2 of the pretty ones and start to preheat them so they are ready for traffic late to night and tomorrow.


Tuesday, 29 August 2017

YES! Pukapuka OC-098 here!

I've got it! E51LYC, OC-098 Pukapuka arrived today. Nice card as you can see. And my IOTA score is up one more Point.

Thanks Cezar for a nice QSO and QSL.

Here are the back side for you all to look at.

Click on the Pictures and enjoy and don't dribble into the keyboard. You might get a short circuit.


One in full blooming!

Finally one of my sunflowers is in full bloom. But I have about 15 plants but only 5 more flower bud. Hope they all will go into blooming soon. But I have already had one frost night with temp about -1,5 C ( 29 F ).

But here it is! Pretty!! But it is small. Only about 2,5 inch in dia.

On the radio front no news. Heard that a lot of my ham colleague's has received E51LYC! I have not. Hopefully it will arive soon as this IOTA ( OC-098 ) is a new one for moi!!

Back to Watch the mail box!! Lock and load!


Friday, 25 August 2017

New IOTA confirmed.

Yes! Today the QSL from V6J, OC-226 arrived in my mail box. Tanks to JA3AYQ for the QSL.
And here it is!!

So my score at the moment is the fantastic sum of 503 confirmed IOTA's. Wonder where this will end!!!???

But there are still a few out there that I'm waiting for.

Back to chasing IOTA and other stations.


Wednesday, 23 August 2017

YES! NA-157 in the log!

Yesterday I was able to get a QSO with NL6/AA7CH from NA-157. Super! And a few hours later Mike had uploaded the log to Club Log and I was in it. QSL on order!!
I also ordered the QSL from RI0LI operating from AS-022. Now I will keep a Close Watch over my mail box.

I have no QSL to show you at the moment. But I have to show you the progress of my sunflower. I don't Think there will be any flower as it is so Cold here. Spring was Cold so the growth was to slow and now time is running out for them.

This is the one that might be able to come into flower. Hope for some warm and sunny Days to come.

I have a family of Crane's on the near by fields. I have tried to get a Picture of them both. But it is hard to get Close to them. This is the best shoot so far.

I will keep on trying. But soon they will leave due to the Winter is just around the corner.

That all for now.