Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Update on WX

Well, it didn't got as bad as predicted. No snow on the ground and rainfall was about 2" and that is not much. But it is Cold outside. Temp around freezing but sun is shining through some light clouds. This day might turn out OK!

Saw on QRZ.com that MDXC (Mediterraneo DX Club) is celebrating 20th anniversary. Congrats to them all and thanks for a few well performed DXpeditions. Here is the card from Madagaskar, Nosy Be Island operation in 2014.

Enjoy and have a good day where ever you are!!

Monday, 24 April 2017

2 New IOTA and a snow storm on the way!

Yes! Today I received QSL from Mikhail, VE7ACN (RW0CN) operating from NA-041, Prince of Wales Isl using call KL7/VE7ACN. And also a QSL from the operation from NA-061, Kaien Island Canada where he was using the call VE7ACN/7.
This pushed my score up 2 Points!!!???

So I'm slowly getting closer to the magic 500 level. I'm just now at 492!!

Weather is more Winter than what it normally should be at this time of the year. Wind is blowing at 15 kt with gusts up to 30 kt. And there is a warning out for the area that we might get around 1' (one feet) of snow today. But I guess it will go a bit more to the North of me. Temperature this morning was minus -8 C (19 F) and at the moment it is +7 C (44 F). But during night temp will drop and rain will turn into snow. It will be exciting to see how much snow I will get!!


Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Worked a few new IOTA's

This week I have worked a few new IOTA's.
It was CV5A from SA-030, Flores Isl. R71RRC from rare AS-071, Arakamchechen Isl (wonder how that is pronounced). And for just a few minutes ago I worked J5W from AF-020, Rubane Isl.

So 3 new Islands is not so bad for moi!! I will order the QSL's as soon as OQRS is open. CV5A is on order already.
Borrowed this logo from QRZ.com.

WX here in Sweden is Cold for the time. Temp outside is around freezing and it is to Cold to take my motorbike for a ride. But hopefully it will get warmer soon.

Back to radio!  CUL

Thursday, 30 March 2017

Some more band slots.

QSL from 9G5X fell down into my mail box yesterday. Worked them on the few missing slots and also a new mode, RTTY. But I missed Ghana on 160 m.

Thanks to M0OXO for fast delivery of QSL and also confirmation on LoTW.
I didn't hear them well on 160 m. But I knew that a few SM worked them on "top band". But I have to try when the next operation from 9G happens. If any!?

I have sent a QSL request to JA0RQV for the A35JP/P QSO.

This morning when I looked out the window it was 1" of snow on the ground and temperature was minus -6 C ( 21 F ). But when the sun is up temp will rise fast.

Back to radio. CUL

Monday, 27 March 2017

YES! Wworked a few new IOTA's.

Finally I managed to get into the log of VE7ACN/7 and also KL7/VE7ACN. Worked from NA-061 and NA-041. And almost in the same time as I worked VE7ACN/7 I Heard  and worked A35JP/P from OC-123, Niuafo'ou. All 3 is new for me. QSL on order for the VE7ACN operation.

There is a lot of activity in the garden. I have put out the last of the sunflower seed's to the birds.

This is a great tit that has a seed in the mouth. But I also have this nice looking Squirrel.

And he/she is picking up what the birds drop on to the ground. So he/she is quite satisfied with Life in general!!??

Click on Pictures and enjoy.


Friday, 24 March 2017


Yes! This is a direct delivery of a QSL. QSO was 12-Mar-2017. Ordered the QSL via Pay-Pal on 18-Mar 2017. And QSL arrived today! It was AS-126 Lipe Island. Call used was E20HHK/P and Operator was Choon.

This pushed my IOTA score up one more so now I have the fantastic sum of 488 Islands confirmed!!?? Not much to brag about but I'm getting there.

Been trying to chase VE7ACN/7. Heard him on 40 m CW this morning. Was Calling him barefooted while I was waiting for the 2,5 minutes delay in the PA to run out. And when PA was up and running he was gone!!!!! Well, I will keep on chasing him.


Thursday, 23 March 2017

New Headset!

I was in need for a new Headset so I didn't need to swap my BM-10 between radios. I found this from a Swedish supplier by the name of "VKC Ham Shop". Owner is Peter, SM6VKC. The Headset is light and has a dynamic microphone and I just connected it to my TS-590S. And it worked just fine. Worked S21ZEE on 17 m without any problem in a quite big pile.

This is how it looks. Fine, or...........?? Picture taken with my I-Phone. It was a bit dark on the microphone but that was an easy fix by the radio DSP. So the TS-950SDX can now have the BM-10 Heil Headset with a HC5 element and this new Headset goes to TS-590S.

And this is the set up. And an ACOM 1000 can be used together with either of the transceivers.

Well, back to radio to chase NA-061, Kaien Island where VE7ACN/7 is at the moment.